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The Consumable Compendium • 2016 supplement

Soren Ludwig • no link

Drinks on the house!  What better way to liven up your game than to make food and drink part of the game?  Adding a bit of flavor is what you might need!

Bonus Cookies: Points used to give players a boost in a dramatic moment could be included in a consumable fashion.  Do you have magical gold coins in the game?  Buy chocolate coins to use as your system’s fate token and have the players eat when they use it.

Potent Potions: Don’t have a healer?  No problem!  Buy some cheap laboratory safe bottles to fill with fruit punch, soda, beer, or spirits.  You can color some clear liquids with jolly ranchers.  The potions on the table represent how many healing potions are left.  Need to patch up?  Take a drink!

Monstrous Meal: Is the party going to a festival?  Cook up some hot dogs and deep fried twinkies before hand to eat while you play!  This can take a lot of time, but will leave your players wondering how the meal will match today’s adventure!

Read before use: Be sure to be conscientious of player’s dietary restrictions.  Symptoms of misuse may result in stomach aches and/or unhappy players.

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