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The City • 2016 rpg

NIcholas Timmons, Menachem Cohen, Viktor •

Say to the player(s)...

“How did you become homeless in The City?”

“What are your three goals?”

“You have 3 stats:

Each stat is at 3/7. You want all three at 7/7 so you can move toward a goal. Pick one to move toward first.”

Ask the player(s)...

“What stat do you want to improve?”

“How do you improve it?”

Pick a number (1--9) based on how difficult each player’s action is, the player must roll above this number on a six sided dice to succeed.  

For each stat that is…
0: -3 from the roll.
1-2:  -1.
3: +1.
4: +2
5-6: +3.
7: penalties don’t count. 

If the player…
fails… decrease any stat by 1.
succeeds… increase the chosen stat by 1. 
rolls a 1… -1 another stat. 
rolls a 6… +1 another stat.

Storytell together what happens. 
*GM may give extra bonuses, increases, or decreases based on situation.

When all three stats are 7/7, the player has moved toward one goal. 
Storytell together what happens. 

If continuing: It’s two weeks later. All stats are 3/3. Player(s) pick another goal and play as before.

Author Comments (if any)

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