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Of Blood and Shadows • 2016 rpg

Nicholas Fowler •

You play surviving monsters after the fall of their master. Light and Life have triumphed. 
What will these wretched creatures do? 

Your monster needs:
-Blood/Shadow Scores (10 points to split, >0 in each)
-Traits = # of players
-Dark Purpose

Write your scores and pass sheets to the adjacent people. Write a Trait that is BENEFICIAL. Continue passing sheets (including the GM) until it returns to you then write your own. Using your Traits, determine the Purpose for which you were spawned.

When the success of your action is in question decide if it concerns Blood(Physical/RED) or Shadow(Mental/BLACK)  draw from a deck. The GM sets difficulty from 10(easy) to 1(insane). 

Success = Color Match + <= Difficulty.
Partial Success = with a cost or condition

A = 1. 
If you draw a face card, place it facedown and draw another card. You can use these cards at anytime to do:
J - switch the color of a card you can see.
Q - recover from a condition
K - Steal a facedown card.
Joker - Any card.

GM - Monsters pursue their Purpose and get into trouble. When the deck runs out wrap it up or ask what is still unfinished and reshuffle.

Author Comments (if any)

Of Blood and Shadows is a game I have been working on for a while. It felt nice to trim some of the fat from it, but if people are looking for a built in redemption arc to their monsters and a LOT more words you can check out my work in progress document.

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