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Bloodhound - A detective RPG • 2016 rpg

Kevin Bates • no link

Bloodhound is a 2 player RPG, inspired by series with criminal protagonists and law enforcement antagonists, like Dexter, Hannibal and Death Note. 

2 Players: Criminal & Detective
1 deck of cards

Give one suit of 2-10 and the Ace (which counts as a 1) to each player. Place three kings in front of the Criminal. Put the rest of the deck aside.

The Criminal narrates a short scene (a minute or two) in which they commit a crime. Then the Detective narrates a scene the following day searching for clues. Both players place a card from their hand face down, then reveal. Add your total Kings, and compare the sums. If the Detective wins, they steal a King as they’ve “found a clue,” which the Detective describes.

Repeat this process. Neither player may directly affect the other, until their Final Scene. For instance, the Criminal cannot kill the Detective in their scene.

When players run out of cards, pick them up. When the Criminal picks up cards for the second time, they win the game and narrate the Final Scene. When the Detective has three Kings, they've caught the Criminal and narrate the Final Scene.

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