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Clandestine: Prologue • 2016 rpg

Mendel Schmiedekamp • http://www.silvergardengames.com/

Clandestine: Prologue

Conspiracies are self-possessed ideas changing the world. 

Take a piece of paper. Draw a line splitting the page in half. Draw two lines parallel to the first, splitting into quarters. Orient the quarters from top to bottom. 

The quarters from top to bottom are: Ideas, Body, Cabal, and Actions at the bottom. 

Name your Conspiracy. Something like Illuminati, Chartreuse Assembly, or whatnot.

Write an idea forming your Conspiracy in Ideas. Put a coin on it, showing tails.
Taking turns: lower a tails or raise a heads.

Ideas to Body: write part of a divine body inspired by the idea. Flip the coin.
Body to Cabal: write a person or monster manifesting the divine aspect. Flip the coin.
Cabal to Action: describe a vignette of the conspiracy in the mundane world. Write an effect of the conspiracy’s machinations and set the coin to heads. 

Action to Cabal: write a person or monster reflecting the activity. Flip the coin.
Cabal to Body: write a divine aspect emanating from the person or monster. Flip the coin.
Body to Ideas: if there are 5+ effects in Action, the prologue ends. Otherwise add an idea and set the coin to tails.

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