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Help!,I'm a princess! • 2016 rpg

Mark Snyder & Kyle Dilks •

You are princesses chosen to appease a hungry dragon.

A knight will come to kill the dragon in a few days.

Each day, someone may be sacrificed to the dragon, this is determined by pulling a number of straws equal to players. One of these straws is marked on the bottom, and they that pulls that straw is sacrificed, the others are left to wait.

During the time that the dragon is not there, you may choose to ally with each other or plot to stab each other in the back. This is done with a 2-phase system.

Alliance Phase – You work together to deflect the dragon! If you choose to ally, roll 2d6, and add it all up for each princess. If the total is equal to 7 + Princesses then another blank straw is added to the mix when drawing happens.

Betrayal Phase – You have an aloud vote when the dragon arrives to whom you wish to be sacrificed, and whoever has the majority vote draws last of all the players.

Play ends when either Princesses + 1 days have passed, signifying the knight has come to their rescue, or all princesses are dead.?

Author Comments (if any)

2nd draft, sorry!

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