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Fucked • 2016 rpg

Francesco Baiocchi •

You're lying on the ground, bloody and battered. The operation was easy, how did it go to the dogs?

Everyone starst with 1 "Safety". Taking turns, start the flashbacks. Pass only after introducing a "Memory" and choose whatever to obtain "Revenge" or "Safety". 
A "Memory" introduces an element you can't ignore: a NPC death or move, a change of location, a flashback, a forward, a new discovery. 
Move your story forward. Do not deny a "Memory", add more to change its course. Place PCs in your "Memory", but leave them in the background.. Details can be ignored if they're not a "Memory".

Starting from round two, you can do a turn as the "Hangman": spending 1 or more "Revenge", you can introduce a "Memory" in which you, a NPC or the Environment causes a "Wound" to another PCs. They can:
Decide not to use "Safety" (if they have any), suffer 1 "Wound" and gain 1 "Revenge".
Play 1 "Safety" and explain how they save themself.
Suffer 1 "Wound". With 3 "Wound", they die.

Remember: you're already fucked. During every round with no "Hangman", every PC is the target of 1 "Revenge". 

Will you survive?

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