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Magical Scholastic Transportation • 2016 rpg

Aaron Clayvoll • no link

Its field trip day and you know what that means! Another day of trying to survive the insanity of Ms. Frazzle, a psychopath with cosmic powers and enough tenure to keep her 3rd grade teaching job.

One person plays Ms. Frazzle and acts as the narrator for the game’s events.
Her Objective: Finish a grade school lesson for at least one student.
Power: Magical Iguana interference – once per fieldtrip make a student(s) reroll their dice.

Everyone else plays a Student.
Their Objective: Survive the fieldtrip.
Power: Catchphrase – Once per game each student can say their catch phrase to avoid dying.
Power: Teamwork – Twice per game the class can have two students each roll a d8 and add their rolls together to complete a task.

Ms. Frazzle begins by creating five tasks for the class to complete to survive the fieldtrip. She rolls a d4, d6, d8, d10, and a d12 to determine the difficulty of those tasks. 

When a student tries to complete a task they will roll a d8. If they meet or exceed the number on the task die they successfully complete the challenge. Fail, and they die a horrible 3rd grade death. 

Author Comments (if any)

I am submitting this under a pseudonym as I know one of the judges. I really wanted to take part so I am submitting under this name to ensure there is no conflicts of judging. I will provide my actual name and website after the contest is complete and if I progressed far enough in the contest to need it.

Thanks for putting this contest on!

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