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The Talking Pillow • 2016 rpg

Chris Krueger •

For 5+ players.

THE ORGANIZER has called an intervention to confront THE SUBJECT. Everyone else is a “LOVED ONE.”

The organizer wants the subject to do or stop doing THE THING. It can be whatever—goofy or serious—but make sure everyone’s comfortable.

Send the subject to another room; get them an audio feed. For now, they play THE TALKING PILLOW.

Loved ones each flip a coin to answer these questions, yes or no. Secret until shared. Lying is allowed.

- Currently guilty of the thing?
- Ever been before?
- Are you personally on the organizer’s side?

The organizer produces a (literal) pillow; only the holder may speak. When a loved one (not the organizer) holds it, give them headphones: they can hear “the talking pillow.”

The pillow thinks this whole thing is ridiculous. They may prompt, pry, persuade or distract. They can’t be muted. And don’t talk to the pillow; that’s just weird.

Organizer makes sure everyone talks about their feelings at least once. Then, call the subject back. They get the pillow for one final speech.

Organizer calls a vote: loved ones decide if they WILL or WILL NOT force the subject to do/stop the thing, regardless of their personal view.

Author Comments (if any)

Inspired by the intervention scene in the “Breaking Bad” episode “Gray Matter.” My thanks to Adam “Doc” Brackin for serving as a sounding board when inspiration finally struck, during a lull at work, on the last day to submit.

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