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Omelette Quest • 2016 rpg finalist

Tyler Westerfield • no link

“The King demands an omelette!” the royal proclaimer cried. “But be quick, and be quiet, or you’ll sate the dragon’s diet.”

One player is designated the dragon, and sits blindfolded in a chair. An “egg” timer set for 1 minute is placed under the chair.

The dragon may tag players at any time, but must remain in the chair until the timer goes off

 The Dragon may remove their blindfold when the timer goes off, and their egg hatches.

The other players are knights, and attempt to steal the dragon’s egg.

Knights start arranged in a circle around the dragon comfortably far away, and attempt to sneak up and steal the dragon’s egg. 

A knight escapes with the egg if they can retreat to their start without being tagged.

If the dragon gets a point if they tag a knight, and that knight becomes a dragonling who sits blindfolded with the dragon. 

If a knight steals the egg, their team gets a point.

Play progresses until a number of points are scored equal to the number of eggs needed, or everyone is a dragon.

Encourage everyone to play in character.

“Buuuuurp” goes the dragon, the crown upon his brow.

Author Comments (if any)

This could also be played on a larger scale with more time, like capture the flag. Some sort of role play resolution, class system, and progression needs to be added.

Judge Comments

I loved this game because it’s truly all-ages. You could play this at a drunken convention party or with a bunch of kids in a schoolyard. The rules are simple, the concept is engaging, and it involves a lot of simple physical exercise–something most of us could use more of. - Jacqueline Bryk

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