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Deicide • 2016 supplement

Edcrab •

A simple theme idea for a short campaign: you level-down over the sessions. You create a powerful, magnificent character, and at dramatic moments you’re expected to part with an ability or some of your stat bonuses!

“You are deities. Many fantastical worlds look to your pantheon, figures of glory and excess, feigning magnanimity and wisdom with bold declarations about destiny and justice.

And you are going to die.

The weapon that destroyed your divine realm isn't understood but its effects are: given time, you will cease to be. Your ludicrous reality-warping powers will gradually dwindle to nothing and, no longer immortal, you will age and wither.

You flee your devastated home and walk amongst the mortals. Your time is limited, but perhaps you can clean up your own mess and get some answers. Maybe you can make peace with your new mortality.

It's true that you can smite a dragon with little effort. But now you'd find it so draining that you might not ever be able to do it again. The concept of consequence, of limitation, is alien. Gods have never had to adapt— let alone suffer— before now.

Maybe that's why your own subjects killed you.”

Author Comments (if any)

Full disclosure, this supplement came first and the other submission was an attempt to mechanically support the vague idea… gave up trying to fit both into 200 words, haha

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