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Miss the Start, Miss the End • 2016 rpg

Arthur Boff •

A musical snapshot of crises we will not see the beginning or end of.

Collectively, select an album. Decide on fictional genre suitable to music; propose adventure PCs are in middle of.

Individually provide PC concepts. Derive character names from track titles, lyrics, liner notes..

Calibrate to obtain results from 1 to X, where X = number of tracks on album.

Everyone roll; lowest goes first.

Start playing album.

Begin in medias res; first player describes a crisis situation appropriate to the song currently playing.

Person to their left declares what their character tries to do to resolve the situation, after any appropriate roleplaying.

Roll >= current track number: describe how the situation resolves, present new situation appropriate to track, play passes to left.

Roll < current track number: describe how the situation intensifies, play passes to left.

If you use lyrics from presently-playing song to describe your PC’s action, choose whether situation resolves or intensifies (no roll).

When the album ends, game finishes with plot unresolved; window on characters' world has closed. To play longer, pick album in same musical genre, adjust randomiser, and keep going. For a shorter game, play only one side of an LP or cassette.

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