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F.A.S.T (Fast, Action-packed, Short, To-do) • 2016 rpg

TheMonarchGamer • no link

F.A.S.T is a roleplaying game devoted to recreating exciting and fast-paced cinematic adventures.  
First, player must create their characters.  Each character is composed of 4 traits: 

Fast – represents the character’s initiative and speed.  Examples include dodging bullets, leaping over falling boulders, etc.

Strong – represents the character’s physical fortitude and toughness.  Examples include flipping tables or throwing someone across the room.

Smart – represents the character’s intelligence and cunning.  Examples include hacking a computer or planning a strategy.

Lucky – represents the character’s luck.  Examples include a chandelier falling on the enemies or the floor collapsing below them.

Player have 12d6 to assign to their traits. 
In any situation of conflict, the conflict’s instigator describes something dramatic that happens and rolls a die from the appropriate attribute in front of him, adding it to any dice he may have already rolled.  The player to his right does the same thing, and this continues until all players are out of dice.  Players may pass, but they can’t spend dice again after they have passed.  At the end of combat, players reset their traits and the player with the highest total of die values gains 1d6 to assign to their traits; the lowest loses 1d6.

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