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The Pun-Issuer, a system agnostic adventure • 2016 supplement

M. B. Downey •

The Adventure:

The PCs are in a bar when the living personifications of puns and jokes walk in, harassing them. Examples include:

Two large tomatoes, a smaller tomato lagging behind, and eventually squished
Bagel with white wings, flying over a bay
Cross between a hippopotamus, elephant, and rhinoceros, but nothing you’ve ever heard of
Jalapeno pepper asking incessant, personal questions
Priests, rabbis, and nuns constantly entering in varying quantities and combinations
Pirate with a small man driving a steering wheel in his pants
Depressed horse
Flying clock
Flying stick of butter
Metal pole people keep walking into as they enter the bar
Doctor diagnosing Tom Jones Syndrome, and someone asking if it’s a rare disease
Three-legged, scar-faced dog looking for man who shot his paw and cut his maw
Chips with cheese that doesn’t belong to you
Wanted poster for a fraudulent psychic halfling
Small house made of cheese

The puns keep coming until the PCs discover the source of the puns: a small model of the French Castle “Le Chateau de Saint-Jean-d’Angle.” The French are sometimes known as the Franks, so the identity of the Pun-Issuer is a Frank Castle. Destroying or removing it makes the puns immediately disappear.

Author Comments (if any)

Inspired by Alexandra Erin’s Star Harbor Nights; special thanks to RPGGeek forums for pun ideas.

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