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House of Haunts • 2016 rpg

James Hron • no link

You find yourself inside the dreaded House of Haunts! You must stay sane!

Each player imagines and describes their character. 

Characters start with Sanity equal to three times the number of players.

Each player imagines one room inside the House of Haunts, and writes a description on paper. Each room should have conflict or danger.

Randomly choose a room. The author of the room is the judge for this round. The judge describes the room to the other players. 

The three players clockwise from the judge are the leaders for this round. 

Players decide which leader they will follow, forming groups.

Leaders explain the actions of their group attempting to survive the room.

The judge will listen to each leader’s explanation. Based on creativity, common sense, and problem solving, the judge will give each leader’s group a sanity bonus or penalty, between +3 and -3. 

Players roll a 6 sided die. Their character loses sanity equal to the roll.

If any character falls below 1 sanity, they succumb to insanity. 

The game ends when all characters have 0 or less sanity, or when all characters have explored all rooms, thereby escaping the House of Haunts.

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