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Red Queens Court • 2016 rpg

Christopher McCown • no link

Need: Standard Deck of 52 Cards. Aces and Face Cards are value 11.

You have all been accused of a ridiculous (pick something suitably outlandish) crime by the Red Queen’s Court. Everyone is Guilty until proven innocent. She is completely mad, but she will grant amnesty to the person who survives the trial.

Everyone starts at 9 Guilt. Pick someone to become “Accused” first. The “Accused” makes an argument as to why they’re innocent.

Other players proclaim “Innocent” or “Guilty” based on this testimony,  and draw a card from the top of the deck. Add all “Innocent” votes together, then add all “Guilty” votes together. The higher value wins. If “Accused” is voted “Innocent”, reduce Guilt by 1; if “Guilty” increase Guilt by 1. Play then passes to the left.

When someone votes “Innocent” for another player, when they become “Accused”, after their testimony, they may draw the top card of the deck and add it to their “Innocent” total.

When a Queen or Joker is drawn at any time, a “Snap Judgment” Occurs. The “Accused” draws a card, and compares it to their Guilt marks. If the card is less than their Guilt marks, they executed and are out.

Author Comments (if any)

Thanks to Paul, Draxon, and Tarion Lell for helping me playtest this!

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