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Dr Sisyphus and his Super-villain friends • 2016 rpg

John Corey • no link

Dr Sisyphus and his Super-villain friends
A game for a Hero and 1-3 Villains.
Being a Villain and losing to the Hero is your job. The fun is in narrating the journey...
Choose 1 or 2 Tags for powers: Examples: Bruiser, Smartest.
Villains choose 1 or 2 weaknesses: Examples: Vain, Obsessed, Insane.
Villain’s rating is 3. Hero’s rating is 4. (contests are 1d6+rating).
Name your Villain or Hero
Collectively concoct a silly plan for the Villain(s). Define plot points. Defeating/embarrassing the Hero must be central to the plan.
Whenever a Villain moves the plan forward, roll a contest. The winner of the contest narrates the scene. The only thing Villains can’t do is kill the Hero. The Hero cannot capture all Villains until the Final Confrontation.
Betrayal: When the Hero is confronting more than one villain, she can cause one to betray the others; tag a weakness. Tagged player narrates.
Final confrontation: The Hero forces a final  confrontation. Contests resolved and narrated separately. Villains lose, but...
Change Hero’s life: When a Villain wins a roll by 3 or more he can permanently change the Hero’s life. Kill a sidekick or loved one, etc

Author Comments (if any)

I had help from my regular game group: Liz, Whit, and Gary. I was inspired by Will Hindmarch, and Nathan Paoletta’s Design Games podcast. I wanted to make a game that assumes failure.

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