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A House Near Mother • 2016 rpg

Benjamin Wenhan • no link

Haha (Mummy) isn’t well, so you move to a new house in the countryside, close to her hospital. A Monster lives in the woods nearby, who takes you on Adventures to cheer you up. Many spirits live in the woods.
You are a Neko (Patient 3, Determined 2, Reliable 1), Tanuki (Determined 3, Reliable 2, Patient 1) or a Kitsune (Reliable 3, Patient 2, Determined 1)
These are your Virtues.
Doing your Chores and going on Adventures require Checks. Roll 1d10+Virtue. 8+: you succeed.
Each Check is tied to a Virtue.
Example: cooking requires Patience.
You must do one chore before going out to Adventure, or more to be helpful.
For each Check, you spend one Wakefulness. When you have spent 10, you fall asleep. In the morning, you regain all Wakefulness.
The spirits Favour you for doing your chores. Gain 2 Favour per Chore. Favour lets you reroll a Check, without getting more tired.
You gain one Sorrow each day. If you complete an Adventure before bedtime, the Monster eats one Sorrow.
If all Sorrow is below the number of Children * 2 after 5 days, then Haha comes home. If not, then Chichi (Daddy) has bad news.

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