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The Gods Abide • 2016 rpg

Jason Pitre •

This is a game of Powers; gods, demons, primordial and things that crawl under the world. You play a pantheon, struggling to gather devoted worshippers.

**Create Powers**
Each of you portray a Power, representing one natural element and one human concept. Pronounce your name, titles, and dominions to your rivals. Examples include:
Hanla, Goddess of Blood and Law
Jurgan, Demon of Fire and Passion

Put 18 dice in middle of the table, each representing an undeclared worshipper.

**Play Scenes**
You play the game through a series of scenes, led by one of the Power. When it is your scene, you get to choose…
1)To establish the scene, creating the mortals in it; or
2)To resolve the scene, determining a new law or ritual of your Power.

The rest of the group plays the mortals and fulfills the other role. At the end of the scene, each mortal may choose to worship the Power (giving them a die from the middle), or remain uncommitted.

**Status Games**
After every Power has finished 3 scenes, or when every mortal is committed, each Power rolls their pool of worshippers. Rank the status of the Powers based on the result, in descending order.

Author Comments (if any)

This game was only possible thanks to Jason Morningstar and his excellent game, Fiasco, which serves as a narrative framework.

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