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Otherkind Mass Combat • 2016 supplement

Guy Srinivasan • no link

Otherkind Mass Combat

Each side, write orthogonal stakes besides killing:

“Can the Empire break through the walls?” and “Will reinforcements come?”

5-6 Yes
3-4 Unknown
1-2 No

Place 3 black dice on each of these index cards.

Form groups. Groups, write one objective apiece:

Dispel Zhao’s illusions
5-6 Yes
3-4 Progress
1-2 No

Each player, get a danger card and current injuries:

6 Safe
4-5 Objective: roll +1 black
2-3 Injured
1 Whole group injured

6 Healed
5 Grit
2-4 Injured
1 Die

Players, get one d6 for your stakes, objective, danger, and each injury plus some for your skill. Choose some red, some white, and some black.

Everyone secretly split black dice amongst stakes and objectives, then place them.

Everyone place white dice as you wish.

Roll black and white dice. Identical black/white results per card cancel 1:1.

Everyone roll red dice. Place on your cards as you wish. Only max red counts.

Resolve everything.

Black: 5, 4, 4
White: 3
placed as 5
knocked to 4 because of black 5
knocked to 3 because of black 4
would upgrade to 4 because of white 3 but can’t repeat
=> 3.

Narrate results.

Author Comments (if any)

Link to Vincent Baker’s “Otherkind Dice” -

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