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Love Conquers • 2016 supplement

Tobie Abad •

Love Conquers
Supplement for any existing non PvP Role-playing game.

One token, preferably in the shape of a heart.
We shall refer to this as Love.
This is placed on the table, just a bit almost beyond everyone’s reach.

Deep down, we are social beings.  Whether or not we would admit it, we do care for others.  This supplement adds that little dose of truth into any game.  
While Love is at the table:
Any player can take it and declare in-character an admission of care or feelings for another player character in the game.  Sincerity counts.  If others feel it wasn’t sincere, Love must be returned to the table. 

Love is Powerful.
At any point in the game that someone holds Love, that player can return the token back to the table to give the person he cares for a bonus re-roll.  This may affect any number of dice.  

Love Spreads.
Any other player may, at any time, also declare in-character an admission of love.  If so, they take the token from the one holding it.

If two claim the same character, that person must choose only one.  The other can no longer benefit from your love.

Author Comments (if any)

Inspired by Rocky and Yoshi. Tested during a Romantic-Comedy inspired one-shot (

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