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Epic Poem • 2016 rpg

Brian McKitrick • no link

A game of roleplay in epic verse,
Amateur bards opposed, converse.
Agree on a Hero. Her tale to tell.
Secretly write three deeds as well.
Minor, Major, and Epic deeds,
Twelve tokens for these story seeds.
Minor deeds one token awards,
Common tasks done without swords,
Major deeds, two tokens takes,
Quests and problems, higher stakes.
Epic deeds, the greatest quest,
Three tokens take, proven best.
Begin the tale with Epic rhyme,
But take too long, you’re out of time.
A bard who pauses, lost in thought,
May be interrupted! Take their spot.
But finish the rhyme, while they pale,
And by all means, continue YOUR tale.
When all the tokens between are won.
Finish up, your tale is done.
The greatest bard, most tokens gained,
Is crowned the victor. This game’s explained! 

Author Comments (if any)

I dare you players, far and wide/To take a chance, on this wild ride/Record your sagas, in voice or text/Share with me what comes next.

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