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Grimdarq: A rules-lite dungeon-crawling RPG • 2016 rpg

Hunter Bond •


A rules-lite dungeon-crawling RPG

There are 4 stats:
Beef Stuff (BS): Body Stuff.
Thinky Bits (TB): Dat Brain Tho.
Wiggle Room (WR): Everything Else.
Bleedy Mass (BM): Get hit more than this and you’re dead.

Each character is generated by rolling 1d6 for each stat. Roll 3d6 for starting items.
Each Monster and NPC’s stats/items are up to the GM.

Conflict Resolution:
A Conflict is an action, either in combat or in roleplay that is opposed by another, or by chance.

To resolve a Conflict, both parties draw a number of cards equal to the relevant Stat Number, and play them as a poker hand. High card wins in the case of no hands. Aces are high, Jokers automatically win Conflicts.

Melee and ranged combat Conflicts both use (BS). Spells use (TB). All other Conflicts use (WR). A successful attacking combat Conflict deals 1 (W)+Item effects.

(3-9) Nothing
(10)Stabber: +1 BS, +1 W
(14)Shooter +2 BS, only when not in melee range. +1 W
(17)Magic Stick: +2 TB, only in combat. Must have 4+ TB to use. +2 W
(18)Big Stabber: +2 BS, must have 4+ BS to use. +2 W

Author Comments (if any)

I thought this was an interesting idea, and so I slaved over this concept for 35 minutes. I may never be the same again, tell my family I love them, I must go now.

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