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Paladin and Heathen • 2016 rpg

Luke S Hendrix • no link

Two players: The Paladin escorts the Heathen to punishment.
Both must avoid falling in love.

Paladin has Duty, Heathen has Freedom. Each has affection. All start at 0.
4 affection is in love.
Pick Themes- Paladin: three Virtues; Heathen: three Ideals.

The path is long. Between obstacles, look into each other’s eyes. Talk.

First obstacle: Heathen describes the obstacle. 

Paladin describes his actions. Determine which Themes apply.

Heathen describes an action, helping or hindering. Determine which one Theme applies.

Paladin rolls 1d10. Heathen rolls 1d8 for a Virtue, 1d6 otherwise. Helping adds, hindering subtracts.
A total higher than 7 succeeds. Paladin describes, and gains +1 Duty.

If Heathen’s roll, +1 per Ideal used by Paladin, is greater than Paladin’s roll, Paladin gains +1 affection.
Paladin can choose to fail instead. Heathen can force Paladin to succeed. She gains +1 affection.

If Paladin fails, Heathen describes how. No Duty or affection is gained.

At the next obstacle, reverse roles: Paladin describes, Heathen acts.

After twelve obstacles, check the table for the winner. Loser describes the ending.

In Love?                Paladin:         Heathen:Both:        Neither:
Higher Duty:        Heathen         Paladin         Both LosePaladin
Higher Freedom:Heathen         Paladin        Both WinHeathen

Author Comments (if any)

The paladin is not the hero. The heathen is not the villain. Love takes strange and varied forms.

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