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Death, at last • 2016 rpg

Guillaume St-Pierre • no link

Each players plays an immortal as then world is drawing to its end, create your immortal by writing a relation on a paper card, thing like brother, lover, arch-enemy and the like. Write as much as the number of players -1. Give that card to any player, one card per player. When you receive a card, write a conflict next to the relation, something you did to wrong the player and that you must resolve before dying.

Play an end of the world adventure in any setting, you must find shelter before the end of the world and come to terms with the fact that you will die. You describe the world together, taking turns to describe the scenes. Every time you must resolve an action, check if a conflict another player has with you can be linked to the action. If yes, the other player describe the outcome, if not, you describe.

 If you manage to resolve and come with terms with your conflict, you can erase it from the relation card and describe your own actions. After 5 hour of game, the world ends and you die, your goal is to resolve everything before that.

Author Comments (if any)

My inspiration was the restaurant at the end of the Universe from the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. I wondered what would happen if the characters didn’t have time travel and the comedic aspect of the story.

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