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Is the Space Pope a Lizard? • 2016 rpg finalist

Tobias Strauss •

5-12 players
Requires: string, needle, paper, pens, aluminum foil miter, glow stick staff.
How to win: become Space Pope or vote for Space Pope
This is a LARP.  Dress like Space Cardinals!  Aliens welcome.
One player is Camerlengo Blort.  Blort runs the LARP.  Blort cannot be Space Pope.
All players begin chit chat.  Influence others for votes.  One may promise anything for votes, but if the camerlengo hears you offer money (simony), you are out of the game.
At Blort’s discretion, conclave can be commenced.  No one may leave (medical need excluded).  Everyone takes the oath:
“By the ineffable Holy Blarg, Father of Xendar, and her children the many moons of Jupiter, I hearby swear XANTHINE QUALINTONE MORK AND MINDY.  So holp me Xendar.  Amen.”
Then take turns giving 5 minute speeches.
When the speeches are over, write votes on paper.  Blort tallies them and puts them on a string.
If there is no 2/3rds majority, revote.
When Space Pope is elected, ask:
Do you want to be Space Pope?
What is your Space Pope name?
What is your super power?
Give the Space Pope their miter and staff.

Author Comments (if any)

Author did not add any comments.

Judge Comments

This was probably my favorite out of the list. A fun, engaging concept that I could easily see myself playing or running. The rules were clear and easy to follow, the game didn’t take itself too seriously, and I loved the idea of an alien conclave. - Jacqueline Bryk

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