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Secret Liars - Murder Mistery RPG • 2016 rpg

Gabriele Manganello • no link

Bam! One dead body.
Now you are all suspects of the murder, but only one is the killer.
Each player begin to investigate about each other. 

Take a card for each player including an ace of spades. 
Shuffle the cards and distribute them, one to each player.
Everyone watch his card and don’t reveal it.

Each player write down one sentence for each other player. 
Each sentence is a story that can be a Secret or a Lie.
Each turn, each player asks for the sentence prepared for them.
They can accept or dubitate the sentence and explain why.

If they accept a Secret you lose 1 point, if they accept the Lie, they lose 2 points.
If they dubitate a Secret you gain 2 points, if they dubitate a Lie, they gain 1 point.

Repeat until everyone finished.

The player with less points is killed and he reveal his card.
If it was the ace of spade, compliment, you got the killer.
Else he's still free: you have to prepare an other set of sentences and repeat.

The killer wins if he remains alone with one other player.

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