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Tardigrades • 2016 rpg

Stuart Burns • no link

The Phage’s influence is growing. 
Remember the ritual.
Gather your materials. The paper to host your sigil. The graphite to inscribe the images. The spell book to transcribe the sigils and record their location.
Free your mind. Open it to the arcane call of the Tardigrades. Listen to their immortal wisdom.
The first image to fill the void. Scribe it. Do not dally with details.
A sigil. To lead you onwards. To be hidden. Travel to a library. Scour their tomes. Find the meaning of your sigil in the name of a book. 
Place the sigil within the book you have uncovered. Folded, as you have been taught; the graphite conduit must not touch the pages. It must be fresh.
Do not be seen! Agents of the Phage are watching.
Clear your mind. 
The ritual is repeated. We deal with primal energies, and must abide by their laws. Five sigils all told. Once they are complete, consult your spell book. 
Hold the first sigil in your mind. And the next. Hold them all as they coalesce into the binding. See it in your soul. Feel it. Sing out the binding with your spirit. 
Keep the Phage bound for another year. 

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