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Multiverse • 2016 rpg

Daniel Thoreson •

A game for 2, 4, or 6 players
by Daniel Thoreson

Multiverse is a game about discovering an alternate dimension, and meeting your other self.

The players split into two groups: Heroes and Counterparts. Each group must have the same amount of players.

Each Hero makes a character with three Traits:

Background: How they grew up.
Drive: What they want to do. Why they want to do it.
Treasure: The thing or person they have that matters to them most.

Each Counterpart chooses a Hero. When the Heroes enter a new dimension, the Counterparts play alternate versions of the Hero they’ve chosen.

The session starts with an establishing scene where the Heroes find a portal to a different dimension.

To decide which dimension, roll a d4:

1: Success. Each Counterpart has accomplished their Hero’s Drive.
2: Failure. Each Counterpart has failed or given up on achieving their Hero’s Drive.
3: New Past. Each Counterpart changes a key detail of their Hero’s Background.
4: Tragedy. Each Counterpart has lost their Hero’s Treasure.

The Heroes and Counterparts roleplay a scene where they meet. Introduce a conflict based on the differences between these characters. Decide together on a resolution.


Author Comments (if any)

Thanks to AmyLee, Sean and Max for the playtests and feedback.

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