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Achievements - An expansion for all games • 2016 supplement finalist

Epistolary Richard •

At the beginning of your game, each player writes three achievements: one titled 'Plot', one 'Moment', one 'Playstyle'.

Plot achievements
Are like basic story achievements in video games: like chapter titles that inform one or several scenes. Examples: “Return to Darkmere” or “Encounter the Snowman”. They don't have to mean anything right now, they're just what the players might like to see. In a GMed game, the GM may write these themselves.

Moment achievements
Are like challenges in video games: an optional action which you can accomplish in a short time. Examples: “Leap off the tallest building in Strathelmere” or “Incapacitate someone using a spoon”. 

Playstyle achievements
Encourage different ways of playing (such as no-kill or speed-runs). These influence how the player plays throughout the whole game. Examples: “Act as a subordinate to another” or “Don't spill a drop of another’s blood”.

Optional: Adding gamerscore
Each player adds 25 points (divided any way) amongst the achievements written by others. Achievements can be earned by more than one player. At the end, everyone adds up the achievements they consider they earned and adds them to their ongoing gamerscore.

Author Comments (if any)

Extra Credits on Video Game Achievements

Judge Comments

Achievements ports, well, achievements from video game systems over to the tabletop. What makes it interesting is that it’s the players creating the achievements, rather than the game or game master, flagging for one another the types of fiction, actions, and playstyles they want to see and conveying the relative importance (or challenge) of each achievement. - Marshall Miller

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