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2200 - Space Exploration • 2016 rpg

Mixu Lauronen • no link

2200 - Space Exploration

In 2200, mankind finally got into space, thanks to new hyperdrive. Parties were sent where nobody had gone before. This is the story of those who came back.

Character Creation
Take five skills relevant to space exploration (like astrogation), and five irrelevant skills (like agriculture). If unsure, the GM decides which category the skill falls into. Divide 20 points between these skills. The minimum is 1, and the maximum 3.

Decide upon name and other details. You are ready!

The Game System
Take out a deck of cards. The game uses Aces and the numbered cards for values between one to ten. Each time a character tries something, draw a card. With a relevant skill, extra cards are drawn. The player chooses which card is to be used. The results are: 1-5 black - fail. 6-10 black - fail, but... 1-5 red - success, but... 6-10 red - success. Failure is narrated by the game master, and success by the player. After each draw the cards are resuffled.

If a character has used a skill, it increases by one if the player draws a red card after play. The maximum is 5.

Author Comments (if any)

This was fun!

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