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Family Matters • 2016 rpg

Serazahr •

The Donna/Don has gathered you all, various members of the Mafia family, as candidates for succession.
The candidates want to have the most Favour.
The Donna wants more contested than favoured disloyal cards.
Each candidate starts with 3 Favour (tokens), 2 loyal (red) and 2 disloyal (black) cards in hand. (Advanced: Shuffle all cards and distribute them randomly.)
-1st Round-
The Donna, going clockwise, asks the candidates about a past incident where all candidates present were involved. The candidates then, in order, tell their part of the story, focusing on their loyalty. (Snide remarks and comments are encouraged.)
Judging the others’ performance and Donna’s reaction, the candidates now put a card face down in front of them. The Donna chooses the best tales (half the candidates, rounded down) and puts a Favour on their card. The rest are contested. All cards remain face down in front of the candidates.
-2nd Round-
Repeat, but anti-clockwise.
-3rd Round-
Repeat clockwise, however now all candidates explain to the Donna why they are best future Donna/Don.
Favoured cards:
Loyal -> Gain Favour on card.
Disloyal -> Gain 3 (2 additional) Favour.
Contested cards:
Loyal -> Gain 1 Favour.
Disloyal -> Lose 1 Favour.

Author Comments (if any)

Thanks to Nils, Patrick, Kevin and Sebastian for playtesting and helping polish the mechanics!

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