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Freaky Friday • 2016 supplement

Darrell Thomas • no link

Freaky Friday
By Darrell Thomas

Player Information:
Friday is finally here! You wake from the best sleep you’ve ever had. You feel great, but something has happened to you. Something freaky.

GM Information:
The characters have switched bodies. The cause could be anything from a curse to swamp gas. Pick something that works for your game and have the players swap character sheets. Make the trades fun. Have male characters switch with females, spellcasters with mundanes, strong with weak, one species with another, etcetera.

Characters are played as normal, but with the other player’s character sheet. Action rolls incur a minor penalty for the awkwardness of being in a strange body. For even more hijinks, have the group roll a D4 without modifiers at random times. Players that tie switch characters again. Make sure they don't get their own character back.

If a non-player character is the cause and dies before undoing it, they’ll be subject to this state of flux until another solution is found. If a location is the cause, they’re affected until they relocate and sleep. Otherwise, at the end of each day, flip a coin. Heads? They wake up in their own body. Tails? Freaky Saturday!

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