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TV Action Heroes! • 2016 rpg

Alan Hodges •

You and your friends are TV Action Heroes, teaming up against the bad guys and saving the day! One of you, The Director, runs the show with input from the Actors. Each Actor names a character from a favorite TV show and writes three Abilities, three Vulnerabilities, a Personality score (0 to 3), a Power score (3 minus Personality) and a Subplot Goal (an opportunity to gain a Reroll). The Director states the Conflict (a problem that cannot be resolved with a single roll). Then, roleplay!

Actors: When you deal with a problem, describe how (the Director may impose constraints to mediate differences in creative visions). Then, roll 2d6 + Personality or Power, whichever seems appropriate. On a 10+, problem solved! On a 7-9, choose one:
•You get what you want, but suffer a Consequence (Captured, Disgraced, Injured, etc.), limiting what you can accomplish until someone mitigates it.
•You don’t get what you want, but gain a Reroll (reroll both dice once).
On a 6 or less, the Director decides what happens.

Director: When things are slow or someone rolls 6 or less, you may reveal a new problem, worsen an existing problem, or make someone suffer a Consequence.

Author Comments (if any)

Based on Apocalypse World by D. Vincent Baker

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