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Freaks • 2016 rpg

Doyce Testerman • randomaverage.com


We're playing heroes mighty, but maligned; devoted, but shunned. Feared by the same people they protect.


Think up a character. Golem. Vampire. Angel. Vampire angel? Go nuts.

Pick a Specialty:
-  Sneak
-  Fight
-  Manipulate
-  Use Powers
-  Investigate

Define Your Power
- List Blessings. Think "thematically related; but incomplete."
- List Banes. Why are you a freak?

These can color scenes. If they'd affect a Conflict, say how.

Establish character(s), setting, situation. Ask questions, use the answers.

Each scene, everyone wants stuff. Play your guy and push for it; you'll hit a Conflict.

Grab one FUDGE die for your GOAL and one for the RISK. (No risk? No roll.)

... there's another Risk.  
... Banes have effect (stop here).  
... Blessings have effect.  
... your Specialty matters.  
... you're prepared.


1. If Banes apply, discard the best die.
2. If Blessings/Specialty/Preparation apply, discard a bad die for each.
3. Assign dice to Goal and Risks.

Goal Die:  
    + Goal achieved.  
    0 Mixed success.  
    - Opportunity lost (for now).  

Risk Die:  
    + Risk defeated  
    0 Danger Remains  
    - Injury, Loss, Goal interference

If Danger/Injury Remains, it becomes an Added Risk whenever, until you fix it.

Thanks: Otherkind, Ghost/Echo, Trollbabe

Author Comments (if any)

Freaks is a game concept I’ve been toying with for years, trying to express it with pages and pages of color text and a half-dozen different dice mechanics. This is the first workable expression of the game I’ve ever come up with.

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