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What happened to Santa? • 2016 rpg

Andreas Sölvebring •

Necessities: 4–8 players, 3 tokens each, pen and paper.
Summary: A big family gathers for Christmas. Everything seems cosy and nice, but on Christmas day disaster occurs – there are no presents! The children gather to discuss this serious business. What happened to Santa?
Preparation: Each player writes a random word on a slip of paper and folds it up.
Act 1: The youngest player starts the game; by telling the others what her character think has happened to Santa. The turn passes clockwise until each player has done so. When done each player grants 1–2 tokens to the contribution she found most amusing.
Act 2: Each player, with one exception, tells a brand new story of what may have happened. The player with the largest amount of tokens will have to continue her story. Once again, when done, each player grants 1–2 tokens to the favourite contribution.
Act 3: The player with the largest amount of tokens finishes the game by acting news anchorman, announcing the true destiny of Santa. Doing so she is free to choose any story told earlier, but has to unfold every slip and fit at least three words into the announcement.

Author Comments (if any)

I’d like to thank: wilper – for sharing this competition, – for being such an awesome community, and the artist and film maker Tim Burton – for inspiration.

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