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Visionaries Anonymous • 2016 rpg

Thomas Edwards • no link

The visions won’t leave you alone; they scream & claw inside your head.  They want out.
You’ve always been haunted by visions, they’ve got bad recently, so you’ve joined a “Visionaries Anonymous” Group.

The Group gathers every week to discuss their haunted lives and coping strategies;

Players secretly choose one awful fate they wish to avoid and inform the GM;
The GM gives each player the beginning of a vision;

Each player in turn describes their vision to the group and how it ends;

They guess a number and roll a d6, if the correct number is guessed the vision ends as described;

If the guess is incorrect the group must collaboratively decide a horrifying twist to how it ends, with the GM providing a guiding direction;

You earn a token every time fate does not go as you predict;

You may spend tokens to move the dice outcome up or down by on;

The GM earns a token for every awful fate they inflict, which they can spend on rolls in opposition to players; and

The GM’s goal is for awful fate to befall all the players. The Player's goal is to fend fate off.

Author Comments (if any)

A friend recommended the title with this comment: It conjures images of a bunch of ordinary insomniacs sitting on cheap plastic chairs in a chilly church hall, with just an hour before the yoga group kicks them out to save the world and only a flip chart and a thermos of instant coffee to help them do it.

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