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W/R/T Eve • 2016 rpg

Adam Ultraberg •

Whoever has the most Followers online is the Star. The others Hang-on. When you’re out of dice, fade.
*Star*, read this:
You get a d12 per other player. Each round, say how you make your fame increase. Roll 1d12; take up to 3 dice that add up to less than you rolled. If someone exceeds your roll, take no dice; give them a d12. If hanger-ons exceed and tie, choose who gets the d12 capriciously. Never roll the d6s you earn. You can never take more than 1d12 at a time. 

~Hanger-ons~, read this:

You get 2d6. Each round, roll one (or a d12 if you have it). When you exceed the star, they may give you their die. When the star fades, owner of the most d12s Rises.  Ties go to the most recent d12 recipient. When you rise, explain your tricks.

The third time a d12 changes hands, set it aside. 

The last one with dice describes the others' place in their legacy.

Author Comments (if any)

Thank you to homullus for your revision notes.

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