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Lunch Rush • 2016 rpg

Robert Black • or

Idea: You are Fast Food employees, surviving a week as the Lunch crew, working every day except Sunday. 

On a sheet of paper each player writes their name, position and skills. They have 5 points to spend on skills. Each player has 1 six-sided die. One player rolls the Customers.

Positions - 
Cashier – Multiply CS and Register bonuses by 1.5x, but all other machines get 0.5x. Earns Money.
Crew – Multiply machine skill bonuses by 1.5x, but CS and Register by 0.5x. Earns Happiness.
Manager – Gets to roll 1 die to aid another team member's roll each round, combining results. Chooses Points.

Each round is 10 minutes. Lunch Rush is 11a to 2p. 
(Die roll + skill) – Customer Difficulty (CD) = crew points. Failure < 0. 3 failures = PERMANENTLY CLOSED.
1 die worth of customers come each round and order. Each player rolls. 

Upgrades happen on Sunday.

5 Happiness to improve a skill. 

Machines (ovens, blenders, etc.) aid in making items. A new machine is 100 money and adds 4 menu items (+1 CS).

Customers - 
1. Easy – 2+
2 -4. Medium – 5+
5. Difficult – 12+
6. Impossible – 15+

Feel free to Role-play the encounters!

Author Comments (if any)

I wanted to make an RPG that was decidedly nonviolent. I figured a restaurant setting would help. If the players role play it well enough, it could easily also help them understand how hard a retail or food service job is. I worked retail for 5 and a half years. Black Fridays and Christmas Eves looked like a war movie once it was done. But mostly, I hope people enjoy playing a quick and dirty RPG about making fries and tacos.

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