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Immovable, Unstoppable • 2016 rpg

Chris Lazenbatt • no link

A game for 3 players.
Pick your role: Pursuer, Corpse God, Prize.
Describe your character with three separate words.

The story begins at the summit of the highest mountain. The Sun has just told the Pursuer that their Prize lies in the only place it cannot see – the deepest domain of the Corpse God. The Pursuer is the first to speak.

On each role's turn, they tell what they do.
Each role may interrupt another in the following precedence order:
Pursuer ? Corpse God ? Prize ? Pursuer
e.g. the Corpse God may take over speaking from the Pursuer.

Each role has a special ability, usable once per turn:
When the Pursuer tells how they overcome opposition, they cannot be denied.
When the Corpse God tells how they put opposition in someone's path, it cannot be ignored.
When the Prize asks a question, they must be answered immediately and truthfully. They may then change one descriptor of any role.

If the Pursuer reaches the Prize:
Invert the precedence order.
Everyone must change 1 or 2 descriptors on their own role.

Play until the end, or until one of the three is gone forever.

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