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Braggarts • 2016 rpg

B. Pearlstein • no link

A game for two or more players.

You are adventurers, sailors, merchants, charlatans, or other well-traveled types. You're at a lavish ball, full of influential and attractive people, and you'd like to impress them by telling a tale of your exploits. Is it true? Irrelevant.

Players take turns telling the story, sentence by sentence:

1. The first player introduces the tale. Examples: "We saw a moving island once, you know." "Remember when we spent a night in Althon's Tomb?"
2. The second player begins telling the tale: "We were heading back to port, trying to outrun typhoon season."
3. The next player flips a coin. If heads, continue the story, treating the last sentence as true. If tails, continue, but treat part of the last sentence as false: "No, we had one last stop delivering silk;" "As I recall, a typhoon had already broken our mast!" etc. Contradict circumstantial facts than internal logic; e.g., instead of "No, cats can't talk," try, "But we knew that cat was a liar, because..."
4. Repeat step 3 until the story reaches a satisfying conclusion, finalized by a player choosing not to flip the coin on their turn, and instead saying, "The end."

Author Comments (if any)

This game can be made more roleplay-focused (and more competitive) by emphasizing the fact that each player would like their own part in the story to be the most impressive. The players can also tell the story in third person instead of first, with the roleplay element either removed or changed – consider playing as scholars, trying to piece together an account of a historical event.

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