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Wizards and Alchemists • 2016 rpg

Pablo Toledo • no link

In this RPG theres one Game Master, and each player portray one of the two classes available: A Wizard or an Alchemist.
This characters will travel around a fantastic world where the civilization is divided in two main groups:
- The Burocratics: This faction believes that a person with the power to handle magic or alchemy is divine and gifted with that ability. Putting non-magical people on a step below this gifted people.
- The Equalitics: These guys believe that we are all equal and the fact that you have powers makes you worthy of the honor of helping people. All people are equal for them.

Character Creation: 
Select a name and a description for your character, then choose your class, after that roll 3d6, reroll 1s, drop the lowest (three times) and distribute the values in the next way:

Attribute         WizardAlchemy
Wisdom        Highest        Lowest
Strength        LowestHighest

To decide the outcome of a difficult task the player must roll and get a number below the value of the attribute that represent that task. Two 1s are considered a critical success. Two 6s are considered a critical failure.

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