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The Assassin’s Guild Annual Awards Banquet • 2016 rpg

Lewis Istok • no link

You’ve just been poisoned with the deadly azure moonblossom which grows only on the shady slopes of Mount Darradashidim.  You know this because you are an Assassin; these things are your job.  You have ten minutes to exact final vengeance on your poisoner. Problem one: everybody at your table is also an Assassin.  Problem two: they also seem to have been poisoned.  Everyone’s dying, someone’s lying.    

4+ players
            1 timer / player
            1 notecard / player
            Write POISONER on one notecard, POISONED on others.  Deal roles out secretly.  Everyone introduces their supercool Assassin by name.  Stare suspiciously and hurl accusations.  In turns, each player must declare an action, then take it.  Actions cost time.  You’ve got ten minutes, then you expire.  (Except POISONER, who should fake it.)
            Clever Ruse: Spend two minutes.  Act fiendish.  Swap role and timer with any player. (Even a dead player.)
            Assassin’s Duel: Play timer chicken with another player.  Narrate the subtle counterblows.  Winner peeks at loser’s role.
            Inhume: Yourself and any willing players spend four minutes amongst you.  Pick any target, reveal their role.  If alive, target dies.
            Be Dead: If you’re dead, do this.

POISONED win if POISONER is Inhumed.  POISONER wins when all POISONED die.

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