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Last Stand • 2016 rpg

Lee Mohnkern • no link

You are a warrior making a final stand. You will die tonight, and you will take as many of them with you as you can. Before playing you must decide who "they" are, and pick two weapons. Your character has four wounds.

The game starts with your character leading up to his demise. This leads up to the final battle. Your enemies are numerous. You will not survive. You roll a d6 each turn; if you get a 3 or higher you killed an enemy. Narrate each kill. Then your attackers roll, again a d6. On a 6, you take 1 wound.

Each time you take a wound, you have a flashback, to one of the events that led up to your last stand, something from your past that you describe. When you reach your fourth wound, you die, or at least mortally wounded and will die soon after the fight.

This game is meant for one player and one GM but can be adapted for more players if you want.

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