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Ouroboros • 2016 supplement

Josh Fox • http://www.blackarmada.com

THE OUROBOROS (A setting for Apocalypse World)
(*Prison* / *Relentless monstrosity*.)
An iron juggernaut hurtling along steel rails, seemingly home to all humanity.
- Outside is freezing (*Exposed place*); take 1-harm per hour.
- The carriage doors are guarded. Otherwise, crawl through tunnels perilously  close to gnashing machinery (*Maze*).

Mysterious lord of the Ouroboros.
- Controller is never seen, but has cameras and loudspeakers everywhere.

Uniformed cultists, devoted to the rail regulations.
- When you break regulations, roll +Cool. 10+, you’re good. 7-9, the Guards show up.

(*Sybarites* / *Cannibals*)
Greedy, debauched and arrogant.
- When you don’t show deference to a Firsty, roll +Hot. 10+, all’s well. 7-9 they demand recompense.


0-3: An accident causes the meat animals to freeze to death.
3-6: Food prices soar and fighting is commonplace
6-9: The food supply is cut off outside first class.
9-10: Weak and elderly are secretly abducted, to be eaten.
10-11: The guards openly kidnap people.
11-12: The whole train descends into cannibalism.

- The hardholder controls one carriage. It can’t be deep and mighty or mostly tents.
- Nobody gets vehicles. The chopper gets one extra option for their gang.
- You can’t play the driver.

Author Comments (if any)

Inspired by Snowpiercer, and if I’m honest probably also by Thomas the Tank Engine and trips to the Barrow Hill Roundhouse.

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