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Night Shift • 2016 rpg

Joshua Mackay • n/a

Night Shift
A RPG for 3 to 6 and a die

In this game you are night shift at a "22/7", a store and gas bar that is open all night. The aim of the game is survive your increasingly weird job. 

One player is the Manager. The others, night clerks at your local 22/7. Night clerks have two stats and a name. The stats Interest and Disinterest are your ability to interact or ignore things at work. You divide 7 points among your stats with a minimum of one. 

Play consists of at least two clerks at work. Others are played by the manager. Maybe a vampire who likes slurpies, maybe a fractal goddess with a fondness of skin mags, maybe just a homeless drunk. 

If the character wants to watch/interact with something or ignore them they must roll a Dis/Interest roll. Roll 1d6 + stat and if 7 or more you do that. If you fail you do the opposite.

The Manager portrays a vivid night and at the end of the night, all the night clerks pick out a clerk on duty for the manager to have words with the next day.

Author Comments (if any)

Some obvious inspirations being Welcome to Night Vale and Gravity Falls.

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