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Estate • 2016 rpg finalist

Patrick O'Leary •

(3+ players)

You’re at an estate auction. A  family’s possessions are being sold. Tell the story of that family through their possessions.

Name the family. Describe their home. Divide 12ish tokens evenly amongst everyone. Shuffle a deck of cards.
Be the auctioneer on your turn. Draw a card, refer below for what you’re selling, announce and describe the item.

2-4: Small
5-7: Unique
8-10: Large
Jack: New
Queen: Beautiful 
King: Old
Ace: Valuable

If a non-auctioneer believes the item has importance to the story they spend a token and say “I heard about this!” They add a detail about why. Create family members, events and relationships. Keep the suit in mind.

Hearts: Caring
Diamonds: Fortunate
Clubs: Violent
Spades: Dark
Everyone, multiple times, can spend a token to add further details about the item. Continue until everyone stops.
If tokens were spent, add the card to a central pile. Otherwise, the item wasn’t important. Forget it. Discard the card.
Repeat until no one has tokens. Which suit is most prevalent in the pile? If tied, choose one. Everyone tells one detail about the end of this family’s story. Your tone is determined by the suit. Fill in blanks. Create closure. 

Author Comments (if any)

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Judge Comments

A quiet, domestic little game with a great set of themes. Estate has an elegant ruleset, great flow, and potential for very emotional, involved sessions. - Jacqueline Bryk

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