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Fusion Corp • 2016 rpg

Tracy Harris • no link

Fusion Corp
This is a game of taking two things to make one character. Taking the provided list, randomly roll to get two of the words. Use these words to fuse into a character that you will role play. This can be used for one shots, or campaigns. Interpret the two words in any way you want to create your fusion character. GMs use the random mechanic to create NPCs, villains, and challenges. The fun is in the random creations. This can be used for a serious play session, or even better, for complete hilarity and ridiculousness. It is recommended initially to be played as a superhero game but can be adjusted for any setting. GM use a deck of cards as a resolution mechanic. When an encounter or action occurs, GM and player draw a card. Highest card succeeds. Play it out anyway you please. Same card produces a neutral result when applicable. Create your own word lists for infinite supplements! 
Starter list
Ray Mighty Hosiery Sharp Linear
Pigeon Boy Wooden Gas Salvage
Blood Color Flame Scout Psycho
Hazard Dwarf Verdant Totem Contagion

Does Ray mean a mustachioed weirdo? A sea creature? A beam of energy? You decide!

Author Comments (if any)

Thanks to Jef and John over at the System Mastery podcast for being entertaining as hell and letting me know about this. Those two are just a couple of Frankenstein’s dads.

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