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Everyone is GM • 2016 supplement finalist

Jason Sackett • no link

A variant mode of play for "Everyone is John" where the players (IRL) are the Gamemaster’s Whims (In the game) and the GM (IRL) is the Players (In the game).

The Whims individually choose a type of RPG they want to run, whether horror, tactical, fantasy, scifi, etc. They conceal this from the other Whims and the Players. Each Whim has 2-3 skills as a Gamemaster, ie “voicing NPCs” or “setting details”. The goal of the Whims is to covertly transform the game into their preferred type while resisting the changes of the other Whims—whoever makes the most changes that match their preferred game wins. The goal of the Players is to push and test the GM’s game and engage in a little catharsis.

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Author did not add any comments.

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Cute. People like playing meta. - Sarah Judd

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