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You Awaken an Ancient Dragon... • 2016 rpg

Monte Lin •

You Awaken an Ancient Dragon…

…And it demands respect. The Dragon writes down Three Words describing itself and one Forbidden Word (a noun). It then tells a story in three sentences about its deeds (using the Three Words as inspiration without using them or the Forbidden Word). 

Each player takes turns telling a short story honoring the Dragon, but cannot confer amongst themselves. If they use at least one of the three words, the Dragon lets them go free (but does not reveal the words used). If the Dragon is not pleased for any reason, it ends the story and adds another Forbidden Word, also a noun. The player waits their turn to tell their next story.

If a player uses a Forbidden Word, the Dragon instantly eats them, and they join it as a ghost.

Freed players may advise the others and can tell stories too (but get no benefit if they use one of the three words).

Ghost players may advise the Dragon on if they are pleased or not with a story, and to remind the Dragon of the Forbidden Words.

Play continues until all players are ghosts or freed.

Author Comments (if any)

No comment. Thanks for giving this a read!

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